Astrological Services

Three types of astrology services are available: 

     1.  Standard Western Tropical Astrology Chart and Interpretation  $108

     2.  Hermetic or Alchemical Tantric Astrology (ATA) Chart and Interpretation $108

     3.  Standard and Hermetic together  $180

1. The 1st or Standard Interpretation is usually comprised of about 18 original typewritten pages of natal and transit interpretation and images plus a natal chart and a transit chart.  This takes considerable time and only this deeply pondered and written format allows for a true interpretation of an astrological chart, since the full chart needs to be thoroughly understood first before all the subtle meanings become clear.

My form of interpretation relies heavily on humanistic and archetypal astrology, gender-balance, and some references to occult traditions such as numerology, alchemy, and yoga.  

I either email or copy and snail mail you the reading and you can email me questions after completely reading and pondering what I have sent.

I need to have from you what you feel is an accurate time, date, and place of birth.  Press one of the “BOOK A READING” buttons on this page.

 2.  The 2nd or Hermetic Interpretation is based on the arrangement of the 12 signs of the zodiac I discovered that can be aligned with the 7 chakras of Tantric Yoga.  

As shown in the example below, when the planets from a Standard astrology chart are placed in the appropriate signs around the Hermetic or Alchemical Tantric Arrangement (ATA) chart, then the relationship to the 7 Chakras can be ascertained.  This further permits access to a person’s individual spiritual cycle relative to the movement of the Kundalini or Cosmic Serpent energy that flows through the Tantric Yoga Chakras.

This mode of interpretation is called “Hermetic” due to the similarity between the Staff or Caduceus of Hermes, the Greek messenger divinity, and the Tantric Yoga Chakras with central channel and two intertwined channels called nadis.

The reading is accomplished after creating a standard natal chart and placing the planets in the appropriate signs.  The symbolic interaction between the astrological signs and planets with the 7 chakras is then explored in the reading.  Included in the reading is an exposition of your personal cycle of tantric energy flow, which can be fathomed as every planet transits through the 12 signs.

I still need to receive an accurate time, date, and place of birth for creating the natal chart.

3.  The 3rd option of the Standard and Hermetic Interpretation together is ideal, but each can be requested separately.